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How To Clean Your Office and Stay Environmentally Friendly

Sarah Peabody

Sarah Peabody

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Increasingly more and more people are becoming concerned about their impact on the environment. Businesses have a prime responsibility to the environment and within the workplace is one setting where doing more environmentally friendly things are simple.

Eco-friendly office cleaning is the practice of using cleaning methods and techniques that protect both the environment and human health. Cleaning your workplace thoroughly and frequently is still a top priority following the (COVID-19) pandemic and the approaching cold and flu season. But is there a way to keep your offices clean and help the environment whilst doing it?

The good news is yes! You can help the environment and save money by making a few changes.

Ways to get you going

Use less chemicals

Office workers come into contact with all surfaces in the workplace – handles, countertops, desks, and phone receivers. Many employees have some form of chemical sensitivity, according to research, utilising mainstream commercial cleansers is associated with asthma-related symptoms and diseases. With regular use chemicals accumulate on surfaces and leave behind a build-up of toxic chemicals. However, by adopting an environmentally friendly approach you can significantly reduce the use of chemicals and enhance the air quality in your office.

Swapping regular cleaning cloths to microfiber cloths is effective and less toxic. Microfiber cloths clean, dust and polish without the use of any cleaning chemicals. The tiny fibres grab and hold dirt removing 99% of bacteria on surfaces. They are long lasting and re-usable saving money. When using microfibre cloths your staff will come into contact with less chemicals therefore being beneficial for those who have chemical sensitivity, staff will have healthier lungs, be exposed to fewer germs and enjoy a healthier work environment. Your staff will notice and experience the difference.

Make sure that when it is necessary to use chemicals you are not dispensing to much. Always read the labels for the correct dosage instructions and purchase pump dispensers for any large containers.

What is in your chemicals

Is “green” really an environmental term? When buying soap, sanitisers, cleaning materials and other products, it’s important to know what to look for on labels. Some good things to look out for when buying are: Phosphate free, Non-toxic, un-fragranced and bio-based.

Products using labels like “green,” “eco-friendly,” or “organic” that lack supporting evidence should be avoided. Since there is no regulation surrounding such terms, many businesses “greenwash” their goods (marketing them to seem greener or more eco-friendly than they really are)

Reduce Plastic Waste

Traditional cleaning products have been packaged in plastic for a long time, it’s almost unavoidable, but there are methods to reduce the amount of plastic your workplace uses. By purchasing cleaning supplies in bigger container sizes and refilling smaller more convenient containers – for example hand soap dispensers or cleaning spray bottles – will reduce the overall quantity of plastic used.

You could also remove any single use plastic cups from coffee/water machines and replace with recyclable cardboard or even better encourage staff to use their own washable cups and bottles.

Shop Smarter When Buying Single-Use Products

According to several studies, paper towels are more hygienic than hand dryers as hand dryers can transfer germs via the air. Some ways to ensure you are providing eco-friendly paper towel option are: purchasing paper towel products created from environmentally friendly materials which have a lower environmental effect – paper towel dispensers do not require staff to touch anything other than the towel however you need to make sure it is not over dispensing, check you are filling the right dispenser with the right towel size – a costly outlay which may be cheaper in the long run is to purchase automatic towel dispensers which distribute only one towel at a time.

When considering toilet rolls rather than using standard rolls that run out quickly, are costly and have a lot of waste cardboard on each roll, install dispensers that can be filled with jumbo toilet rolls or a bulkpack system.

Do you really need to use kitchen roll for every spillage, or could you provide reusable washable microfibre cloths as an option?

Think about where your products come from

Depending on where your products were made and where/how they are delivered from, they could be leaving a larger carbon footprint than you think. Find a local company who can supply all/most of what you need preferably with items made in your country. Local distributors will have bought stock in bulk therefore by purchasing as much as you can store and as many products from as you can from one supplier it will help to reduce the carbon footprint of your company.

Hire A Cleaning Company that can help you be more Eco-friendly

If you are looking for a cleaning provider that genuinely cares about the environment, Solution Services Ltd can help you. 

  • We use microfibre
  • We buy chemicals in bulk and are made in the UK
  • Wide range of products/supplies available for local delivery
  • All our packaging is recyclable
  • We can supply 5ltr tubs of many products reducing packaging
  • Cleaners are trained on correct usage and dosage dispensing of any chemicals used
  • We will work with clients to solve any requests/concerns they have to provide more eco-friendly products


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