Make Your Kids Part of the Cleaning Solution

Make your kids part of the cleaning Solution.

It's that time of year where we all start thinking of spring cleaning. If like me you feel that you spend hours doing this and as soon as half term comes the kids mess it all up again then you are not alone! A study carried out by Mintel reveals that 76% of British families with children aged 6-17 say that their kids have no cleaning responsibilities. So how do you get your kids involved with the spring clean? We all know that bribery is the best way but that doesn't always work now does it? So I have put together a few tips that are sure to get the kids helping with the cleaning this half term!


First thing first have realistic expectations on what your child can do, your 2 year old is not going to change all the beds – though wouldn't it be nice if they could?


I find making things into a competition is always a winner! Who can make their duster the dirtiest? Who can put away the most toys in 2 minutes? Who can get rid of the most cobwebs? Give a room to each child and see who can clean that room the quickest and most thoroughly – you can always reward with a treat afterwards, like the person who wins gets to pick a film for everyone to watch?

Like me do you hate going through all the pockets of the trousers to make sure there is no paper in them? Ask the kids to go through all the pockets and what they find they can keep – you can always hide the odd thing as an incentive so they always want to do it. Also on a good note everyone in the family will start emptying their pockets as they won't want to lose all that spare change or that special stone to who ever has emptied the pockets.


Make cleaning into a game – role play that they have their own cleaning company, give them a little apron and rubber gloves, you could even make them their own cleaning box with microfiber cloths and a spray bottle for all the cleaning, then leave them to it while you put your feet up!

Have a boogie! Turn up that music and stick some microfibers to your feet and dance all over the wooden or tiled floors to get it all sparkling again.

Remember when cleaning with children always be specific, telling a 5 or 6 year old to “clean your room” can be overwhelming, but “put all the cars back in their box” is clearly understood.              

If we get our children helping us clean now while they are young hopefully this will set them in the right direction when they finally fly the nest.

Finally don't redo their work, this sends a message to your child that their work is not good enough and this will discourage them from helping in the future. Always be proud of your child's efforts and don't expect perfection! How about downloading this certificate to show your little one how amazing they are!