How to throw away less and recycle more.

How to throw away less and recycle more.

How much do you really throw away? Do you ever stop to think of the items you could swap to reusable? Not only will a few small swaps be good for the environment but it could also be good for your bank balance.

Swapping to reusable items can sometimes seem daunting and feel like they have a large price tag, but when you look at what you will save in the long run you could be shocked!

Over the next 5 weeks I am going to post a blog each Monday to give you ideas on how to throw away less and recycle more.


This is a big one at the moment, in the news there is a lot about plastic straws saying they are going to be banned in the UK. With strawsP1411426 taking approximately 200 years to break down maybe this is something we should be swapping to reusable sooner rather than later.

P1411420Just think of all the places you may use a straw, home, party, pub, restaurant, takeaway, coffee shop, work and I am sure there are many more too!

I have had a look at the different types of reusable straws there are, paper, glass, stainless steel, hard plastic and silicone. I thought the best way to know what is the best, with so many on the market was to test them. I have given them out to our team to test, in all the different drinks they have and will document the results at the end of the 5 weeks.

P1422468 P1422471 P1422477



These are the straws we are testing:


6 pack of stainless steel straws for £2.99``HC28/ref=sr_1_2?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1524567646&sr=1-2&keywords=reusable+straws


6 pack of silicone straws for £3.01

P14114225 pack of glass straws for £9.95


25 pack of paper straws for £2


We are also testing our own plastic straws that we currently use to see how these compare to the others.

Blog written by Stacee Callaghan

           quality control officer