How to throw away less and recycle more – Part 4

The plastic that both sandwich bags and cling film are made from is very similar, these products can not be recycled and can take between 500 and 100 years to break down.

Sandwich bags


This is an item that many people use on a day to day basis.

I asked 6 people in our office and between them they use 2536 sandwich bags per year! That's an average of £254 per year on a product that can't currently be recycled. If we divide that by the 6 people we asked that is £42.33 they are basically throwing away.

An alternative to your everyday sandwich bags are these packs of food storage bags costing £12.99 for a set of 4.

reusable sandwich bags

If the 6 people I asked bought 2 sets of these they would of saved themselves £15.35 in the first year and after the first year should not have to buy any more. Now that is a saving!

Cling film 


Plastic films aren't usually accepted as part of your household recycling scheme.

I asked 6 people in our office how much cling film they use and over all it comes out at 38 rolls a year between them, this roughly costs £49.40. Now that is a lot of clingfilm being used that can not currently be recycled.

I have found these silicone stretch lid covers that come in a pack of 6 for £9.48.


If the people in my office used these instead it would only cost £1.25 more than they are currently spending on cling film in the first year and after that,it's £8.23 in their pocket each year.

Blog written by Stacee Callaghan

quality control officer