How to throw away less and recycle more – Part 3

Carrier bags

carrier bag

With the 5p charge for carrier bags being in place for the past 2 and a half years is it time to start looking for a bag that might last even longer?

bagsAll plastic carrier bags are made of similar plastic, these bags can not be recycled and can take between 500 and 100 years to break down.
I have been looking at what different bags you can purchase, everyone knows about the 'bags for life' at a supermarket, but these again are made from plastic and once they rip and you swap it in for a new one, what happens to the broken one? That too ends up in landfill.

Here are 2 alternatives to plastic carrier bags:

Trolley bags, 4 heavy duty reusable bags for £17.99 trolly bag

Grocery tote bags – these are also fold into a small pouch, set of 5 for £13.99

Although if you are anything like me you also need to remember to put them back in your car after your shopping trip.

Blog written by Stacee Callaghan

quality control officer