How to throw away less and recycle more – Part 2

Wipes are another big thing at the moment as it has come in the news that it is proposed that they are banned in the UK, this is due to most containing plastic fibers that are not biodegradable.


Make-up wipes

Most make-up wipes take up to 100 years to break down in landfill.

You could swap to cotton wool and a make-up remover. Did you know – cotton wool generally only takes 5-6 months to break down and can be placed in your at home compost pile as long as it is 100% cotton wool? Although it is not advised to place lots in there.

Another way you may want to look into is to purchase a reusable make-up cloth. These only need to be used with warm water and then popped in the wash after you have finished. I personally use a reusable make-up cloth and it does exactly what it's meant to, and not only is it saving the environment, it saves money as you are not buying make-up remover, face wipes or cotton wool.

face cloth

This one on Amazon is only £1.21– but may take a while to arrive.

Cloth nappies and baby wipes

cloth nappie

As a parent we only want the best for our children. This includes what we are going to put on their bottom. With disposable nappies taking up to 500 years to decompose and baby wipes taking up to 100 years to decompose, is it time to start using cloth nappies and wipes?
There are so many cloth nappies to choose from these days you will be sure to find the right ones that work for your family.

At first looking at cloth might seem a bit daunting, but trust me as a mum who used cloth nappies it is quite simple. Once you have found the nappies that work for you and your little one you simply use the nappy, take it off once it is full and pop in a bucket ready to be washed.

I have found this useful link that tells you all you need to know about reusable nappies

If you live in Warwickshire follow this link to get your free trial

I am sure most other areas do this too, just go to your councils website to find out.

Blog written by Stacee Callaghan

quality control officer