Staff profile: Managing Director

Ever wanted to get to know our staff better? Well we have decided to interview all of our office staff so you and even us, can get to know them better! Do you have any questions you would like answered? Leave a comment below and we will get  the team to answer this for you.


My name is Sarah Parrin and I am the Owner/Managing Director of Solutions Services Ltd. I am responsible for all aspects of the business and ensure we are financially viable to allow all to keep their employment. I coach our managers which enable them to work to their strengths, gain personal growth and support our other important members of staff (Cleaning Operatives).

What do you enjoy most about being the Managing Director of Solution Services?

Telling people what to do!! Ha ha – seriously -

I enjoy passing knowledge to others and watch people grow and bloom. I love to spot people on the ground with potential and see them progress through the company from operative to supervisor to manager. And of course I love to win a new contract so we can start to show the client what a great job we can do for them.

What is your number one priority as a Managing Director?

To ensure all employees are treated with respect and receive the training and support they require to carry out the work expected of them, this in turn ensures that we have excellent customer service and happy clients.

Tell us something about yourself that people may not already know:

I have been doing yoga for approximately 6 years with Kailash Mistry and have been strength training with free weights at Peak Performance now for three years. This keeps my body and mind active and helps with stress! I have zip wired 700 feet down a mountain, climbed a waterfall and flown a helicopter.

What motivates you?

Achieving something that I may previously have been anxious about, the sense of purpose and satisfaction I get is amazing, whether this be personal such as the above (zip wire etc) or work related such as winning an award, completing training, gaining accreditation, winning a new contract or exceeding clients expectations.