Staff Profile : Cleaning Operative

Ever wanted to get to know our staff better? Well we have decided to interview all of our staff so you and even us, can get to know them better! Do you have any questions you would like answered? Leave a comment below and we will get  the team to answer this for you.


Hi, my name is Richard Bowen, better known as Dick.
I'm part of the Pink Team that's responsible for the cleaning at DK Packaging at Lawford Heath.

What do you enjoy most about being a cleaning operative for Solution Services?

During my working day I believe it's important to form and keep a good working relationship with the customer by working to a high standard, being polite and friendly.

What is the number one priority for you as a cleaning operative? 

I  believe it is very important to keep the cleaning of the site and teamwork at a high standard.

Tell us something about yourself that people may not already know:

I'm 62 years old and I will have been married to my long suffering wife Carol for 42 years this month. I have 3 children and 12 grandchild who range from 1 to 17. In my long working life I've been employed in a variety of jobs in various positions but am know easing off, being semi retired.

What motivates you?

My motivation is to know that I have done my best in everything I've done. Oh and to make at least one person laugh.