Newsletter number 1

Newsletter issue 1, July 2016


A big welcome to one and all and we hope you enjoy reading our newsletter.

We have decided to produce a regular newsletter to keep everyone up to date with everything that is happening within Solutions and make sure we pass on any information that may affect you.

We want you, to be a part of this, so if you have any news or information that you would like us to share, please get in touch and we can include it in future issues. You may have an important anniversary coming up, or want to promote a local group that you help out with, we want to hear about it!


New Website

The new website is here! Take a look at and see all the changes we have made. We plan on keeping plenty of information on the site, including electronic versions of newsletters, the latest news as it happens and a blog, with tips, industry news, job vacancies and lots of fun stuff too!


We are growing!

Solutions have successfully won several new contracts recently and have new sites to look after in Rugby, Northampton, Lutterworth and Leamington Spa, which means we have a lot of new staff too. We love growing the Solutions family, so if you hear of anywhere that needs cleaning, let us know, also because we are growing, we are always on the lookout for good reliable staff, so if you know anyone who is looking for a job, please tell them to contact us, if you recommend someone who stays with us for more than 12 weeks, there will even be a reward!


Facilities Management

Have you heard the phrase 'Facilities Management' recently and wonder what it's all about?

It's simpler than it sounds! We now offer a full range of services to all our clients, helping them keep their building operational.

It can be anything, from building work to drain clearance, electrical and plumbing work to security and even if there are problems with a mouse, Solutions can deal with it! We have a network of sub-contractors that we use that cover any job to do with a building or site.

So when you are working on your site and you know the client is in need of any additional services, please remind them that Solutions can take care of it in the same hassle free way we take care of cleaning needs!

Employee of the month!

We have decided to make sure everyone knows how much we value our employees hard work. You may not realise that all of us here at head office have been in the position of hands on cleaning at some point, we all started our careers cleaning toilets and mopping floors, so we know just how hard the work can be.

Each month we will be nominating an employee that we think has gone that extra mile, maybe helped to cover extra sites, scored extremely highly on their Quality Control audit or had good feedback from a client. We want to let everyone know we appreciate it!

Just don't try to win it once! Employees can win the award several times and it makes sense to win it more than once too! Once every year, we will take everyone's names who have won employee of the month and put them into a hat, one name will be drawn at random and that person will win the title of employee of the year and the prize that goes with the title!

That means if you win employee of the month once, your name will be entered into the draw once, win it twice and your name will be entered a second time giving you a greater chance of winning and so on.


Pride of Rugby

We were all extremely proud to be finalists at this year's Pride of Rugby awards, which were held on the 6th of May at Coombe Abbey.

Ten of us attended to represent the company on the night and we made sure the whole room heard our cheers as the Solutions nomination was read out.

Unfortunately we were pipped to the post on the night, but it was a remarkable achievement to make it as one of the 3 finalists. We will come back stronger for next year and see if we can take the title home with us.

We made it clear throughout the process, that nomination for the customer care award was directly connected to the amazing job our employees do out there on a daily basis.

We are all so proud of the work you do, how you conduct yourselves and promote the company in such a positive and professional manor, keep it up guys!


Green Cleaning is coming!

Some of you may of already noticed that we are supplying a new type of cloths to sites! These are called Microfiber cloths.

By introducing these cloths, we are not only being kinder to the environment, but when used correctly, making cleaning easier and more time efficient.

Please read the leaflet which will hopefully explain everything fully, if there are any questions, please ask your supervisor or line manager.