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Solutions Services offer a fresh approach & efficient service within all aspects of contract cleaning.

Sustainable Cleaning Services For Commercial Spaces

Waste management is a critical aspect of responsible business practices, and we understand the significance of minimising the impact on the environment. Our team of professionals is well-versed in implementing efficient waste management strategies that align with sustainable practices.

At Solutions Services, we are dedicated to meeting all of your environmental needs, whether it’s a one-off event or a regular contracted service. With our expertise in environmental services, we provide tailored solutions to effectively address your waste management and recycling requirements.

By partnering with us, you can stay ahead of the game when it comes to legislation and compliance, ensuring that your company operates in line with environmental regulations.

Our comprehensive environmental solutions encompass green building practices, indoor air quality management, and more. We can help you implement sustainable measures that minimise carbon emissions, and create healthier work environments.

Eco-Friendly Solutions Tailored to Your Business Needs

We offer a full Green Cleaning solution for any client that wants to reduce their impact on the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. With minimal use of environmentally friendly chemicals, use of microfibre technology and double HEPA filtration vacuums, we can help you reduce your impact on the environment, create a healthy working environment even help you gain BREEAM points.

We are experts when it comes to specialist cleans, both the planned and unexpected. If you are having building work done or alterations, it is important to factor in post build cleaning into the planning. This will allow you to reduce any down time caused and make sure your staff and customers only visit a healthy and clean working environment.

At Solutions Services, we go beyond environmental services. We also specialise in comprehensive commercial cleaning, matting and floor care, washroom services, and facilities management.

With our expertise and attention to detail, we provide a complete range of solutions to meet all your facility needs. Trust us to maintain a clean and hygienic environment while managing your facility efficiently.

Choose Solutions Services for Comprehensive Environmental Solutions

When the unexpected happens, Solutions are only a phone call away. We can quickly mobilise highly trained staff to tackle a variety of emergency situations. Such situations as Accident Cleans, Infection Control and Post-Flood Cleans can be a distressing event to experience, but rest assured that our extensive knowledge can handle any situation in a highly professional manor.

We are committed to driving positive change and assisting businesses in achieving their sustainability goals. Contact us and let us help you build a greener future through our expert services, industry knowledge, and dedication to environmental excellence.