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Why It’s Good To Talk To The Cleaning Professionals Before Your Refurb

Sarah Peabody

Sarah Peabody

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Refurbishing a building is a major project that has several advantages for a company. It can enhance functionality, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal; however, it requires meticulous planning and coordination. Before beginning a renovation project, one crucial step that is frequently ignored is speaking with a professional cleaning contractor.

It is likely that you will need to maintain some sort of functionality in the workplace throughout the refurbishment and require your cleaner to work around ongoing improvements as well as an end of works clean when improvements are complete. You will need to inform and discuss with your cleaning company what you require not only during and immediately after but regarding the ongoing schedules and cleaning times which it is likely will need to be adjusted also.

However, its not only during and after your cleaning company can help. Prior to the refurbishment, speaking with and seeking advice from a professional cleaning contractor can help uncover areas of money saving and bring to light other unthought of pitfalls.

An important aspect of consulting with a cleaning contractor before refurbishment means that they will be able to assess if the new layout and design is going to be easy to efficiently clean. Cleaning companies will see things from a different angle, they can offer suggestions on the best design features to incorporate and will be easily able to spot difficult areas to access for cleaning such as high ledges or small gaps.

Due to their experience, they can also offer valuable advice on the best materials and finishes that will be long lasting and easy to clean. For example the types of durable easy clean chair fabric, what type of flooring wears well and is easy to maintain or what style of window dressing is both effective and easy to clean. Whilst salespeople and builders may recommend the newest product or what they believe to be the most durable, professional cleaners can offer a long term insight due to first-hand experience.

A professional cleaning contractor can also have input from a health and safety aspect, they will easily spot areas which may be prone to becoming slippery such as around sinks or entrance areas and can advise on how to keep these areas safe with different flooring materials or the need for matting – whilst polished floors appear impressive and durable, they are high maintenance to clean and easily become a slip hazard, so matting is usually needed, and the matting will also need maintenance making them time consuming and long term expensive. Cleaning professionals can advise on the most effective and new cleaning techniques, equipment, and materials to use in various areas of the building to keep them looking their best, reduce the danger of cross-contamination and to maintain the buildings cleanliness. They can also advise on the best way to collect and dispose of daily rubbish and how to keep the building free of pests and other hazards, which will help minimise the risk of injury and illness.

Whilst it is most likely your cleaner is the one who replenishes consumables such as hand soap, paper towels and toilet rolls it is a good idea to consult your cleaning contractor on what types of dispensers are easy maintenance and long-term cost effective for supplies as well as gaining advice on which choices are good for the environment.

Furthermore, cleaners will need to have access to plug sockets, water, and storage for equipment after the refurbishment for ongoing cleaning the professionals will be able to advise the best place to situate these for quick easy efficient access. It may also be the case that due to new flooring or other surfaces a different way or different equipment may be required to keep your they can recommend equipment or different cleaning techniques that can help you save money over time.

In conclusion, seeking the advice of a cleaning contractor before starting a building refurbishment project is a crucial important step for ensuring a smooth and successful operation and could save you money in the long term. If your cleaning professional also offers a facilities management service there will be many more useful insights.

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