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More Than ”Just Cleaners” – The Unseen Workforce

Sarah Peabody

Sarah Peabody

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As a cleaning company within the Rugby and Warwickshire area, for 30 years now, numerous times we have heard the phrase ‘’it’s just cleaning’’ – however ‘’just cleaning” suddenly becomes very important when it doesn’t get completed, or something is not done correctly; for example, if a bin isn’t emptied or the toilet rolls are not filled.

The truth is cleaners are an unseen and underappreciated work force, most carrying out their duties outside of normal working office hours, often not getting a second thought.

The cleaning industry has grown exponentially and now stands as a formidable pillar in the UK economy, boasting an astounding revenue of £10 billion and providing ample employment! In the United Kingdom alone, over 700,000 passionate individuals have dedicated themselves to the cleaning profession, forming an invisible workforce that ensures our surroundings are hygienic.

The Undeniable Importance of Cleaners

As the world grappled with the devastating impact of the pandemic, the true significance of cleaners came to light. These unsung employees combated the invisible enemy sanitising our workplaces, homes, and public spaces, fortifying our defences against the spread of the virus.

Their efforts were nothing short of heroic, working tirelessly beyond normal office hours, often unnoticed, yet their absence would have been felt profoundly. Cleaners safeguarded our well-being, ensuring that rubbish was removed, toilets were germ free, and surfaces were pristine, so we could navigate through those trying times with a sense of security.

Whilst the pandemic is becoming a memory the importance of cleaning to prevent the spread of germ causing viruses remains just as strong now as it was then.


Why Is A Cleaning Operative Seen As A Lesser Job Role? 

Cleaning is a profession! Often, the work of cleaners is perceived as a menial job that requires no special skill or training. It’s a common misconception that everyone can clean, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Cleaning operatives undergo extensive training, honing their skills to deliver top-quality cleanliness and hygiene. There is much more to cleaning than wiping a table or mopping a floor there are correct ways to perform cleaning tasks to produce the most hygienic outcome and desired pleasing results.

Amongst other things cleaners have in-depth knowledge about health and safety, C.O.S.H.H., infection control and colour coding. Their attention to detail and expertise ensures that the workplace remains a safe and pleasant environment for all.

Enabling Focus on Core Tasks

Cleaners don’t merely tidy up spaces; they are enablers of productivity and focus, by empowering other employees to concentrate on their respective roles and responsibilities without distractions. When the office is neat and organised, employees can work more efficiently in a positive work environment.

A clean workplace is not only aesthetically pleasing but also essential for maintaining proper hygiene and safety standards. Cleaners play a vital role in controlling the spread of germs and infections, preventing the spread of illness, and bolstering the health of the workforce.


Valued Team Members

It’s time to recognise and acknowledge that cleaners are not merely outsourced contractors but are valued members of the business community. Their commitment to ensuring a clean and hygienic environment deserves our appreciation and acknowledgment. Like any essential component in a well-oiled machine, cleaners are indispensable to the smooth running of a business. Their presence ensures that the workplace operates efficiently.

In Conclusion

Let us all rally behind the unsung heroes of the cleaning industry! Their efforts mean that our spaces are safe, positive, and healthy. Celebrate the greatness of cleaners and embrace their unmatched contribution to the world we inhabit.

So, if you are a cleaner telling someone what your profession is, or an employee talking about the cleaner in the building please let’s leave the word “just” out of the conversation.



More Than Cleaning Services

While cleaning remains our core expertise, here at Solutions, we offer additional services to support businesses further. These services include Janitorial Supplies, Environmental Services, Facilities Management, Washroom Services and Matting & Floor Care.

Solutions Services are more than a cleaning company. We manage our sites with the customer in mind and ensure that we are at the fore front of the clients’ mind when they need extra services. We provide an out of hour’s service the same as our competitor but use communication and quality control to ensure our client and the staff on our sites know we go the extra mile. In providing Excellent customer service we retain our client base and increase sales through those clients.

By diversifying offerings this gives us – the power of a large organisation with the personal touch of a local business – a comprehensive solution provider for our clients.

As we like to say ‘’Our Services Are Your Solution!’’

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