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Hiring A Professional Cleaner vs Employing An In House Staff Member

Sarah Peabody

Sarah Peabody

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As a company owner you almost certainly want to keep your site tidy and its employees healthy. When customers come into your office, they immediately begin to create an opinion of your company, and they are not just focusing on your staff.

Visiting customers will notice items that are out of place and areas that are not quite up to standard such as stains, full bins, dirty surfaces, and other issues.

You most likely don’t have time to put on a pair of gloves and clean yourself, you and your employees must invest your time to running the business. The question is – should you hire a cleaning company or an employee to fill the cleaning role?

When considering the cost, at first glance it may appear hiring an employee is the better option, however you may find that in the long run hiring a professional cleaning company might be cheaper than you realise.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and this article discusses the pros and cons of hiring a professional cleaner versus paying one of your employees to clean your offices.



  1. You have complete control over their schedule and working hours.
  2. Low hourly wage rate
  3. Choose own Cleaning Products
  4. Choose own Cleaning Equipment


  1. You will have to invest your own time in hiring, training, and monitoring the cleaning quality of the staff member(s) that you have tasked with cleaning. Time costs money.
  2. You have higher liability insurance.
  3. You will have to pay for and source your own chemicals, equipment, PPE and uniform
  4. You will have to cover sick and holiday days.
  5. Hidden wage costs of National insurance contributions, Holiday pay, Sick pay
  6. It’s your responsibility to comply with COSHH and complete H&S and risk assessments


Every business owner is aware that when employees are actively participating in the task they are being paid to do, productivity rises. Additionally, when production grows, profits rise!

Hiring a cleaning company offers a variety of advantages in terms of cleaning quality. Here are some things to think about:


  1. Great equipment is useless unless it is used correctly. Because they’ve honed their craft and know all the best cleaning procedures professional cleaning companies can clean more in less time and do a better job.
  2. They’ve already completed all of the necessary training, so they can start working right away saving you time and money. You get all of the benefits of a trained cleaning crew without having to do any of the work.
  3. The cleaning company will have working processes in place for managing the cleaning staff and rotas, which will save you a significant amount of time and stress doing it yourself.
  4. Outsourcing cleaning frees up time and resources for management.
  5. The cleaning company will provide and include the appropriate cleaning chemicals. At Solutions Services Ltd we provide COSHH & H&S RAMS.
  6. The cleaning company has already invested in a variety of high-quality cleaning equipment. Rather than stocking your business with cleaning supplies, allow the cleaning company to bring its own equipment.
  7. Equipment is provided so that if it breaks it is replaced.


  1. The price can increase but there will always be a notice period.
  2. A contract can tie you down, however Solutions Services Ltd will only requests three-month cancellation notice at ANY point within the contract.
  3. You won’t have much control over time and scheduling (other than in or out of hours)


By employing an in-house cleaner, you assume responsibility for everything. Along with the hidden wage costs there is a large amount of time required in the management – time better spent running your business and time costs money.


When you engage a professional cleaning company, you receive much more than a cleaner. The cleaning will be done by a fully trained, insured, and uniformed operative. They are overseen and supported by a knowledgeable management team so that if anything goes wrong with the equipment or there is a problem with the job, it can be rectified promptly and efficiently.

Make Your Workplace Clean and Healthy with Solutions Services Ltd.

There are only so many hours in a day. You might not have the time to manage a cleaning crew for your company given all the responsibilities you already have. Investing in Solutions Services Ltd means more than just getting a clean building. You are making an investment in first impressions, more free time, mental clarity, and even the physical well-being of your clients and staff.

Get in touch today for a free no-obligation quote.

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