How Clean is Your Office?

How Clean is Your Office? 

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Have you ever thought about how clean your keyboard, mouse and phone is? No? Well not many people do and let me tell you, they are disgusting!

Studies by Dr. Charles P. Gerba have shown that offices are a breeding ground for germs. He has discovered from his studies, that most offices have higher bacteria levels than surfaces in communal areas.

Would you be surprised if I said that telephones topped the charts with an average of 25,127 germs per surface? “The phone is typically the dirtiest piece of equipment in an office because it goes straight to your mouth, and you never clean or disinfect it,” Dr. Gerba says.

dirty phone

Other areas tested in the office were:


Germs per surface:







Copy machine


Toilet seat


Keyboard and mouse

Does that make you feel as ill as me? Your phone, keyboard and mouse have more germs on average than a toilet seat! Never fear, because you can get rid of those germs with our specialist computer and phone cleaning service.

Mouse Keyboard1


Dr. Gerba tested the different areas in a variety of different occupations. The most bacteria per square inch was found on surfaces used by teachers, with accountants following close second. Lawyers harbored the least amount of bacteria per square inch in their offices – although this could be because they never answer their phones! handbag

Aside from your career, gender can also play a factor in office cleanliness. In another study he compared the number of germs in women's offices verses men's offices and the results are quite surprising! According to his research, the bacteria levels in women's offices were nearly three times higher then in men's offices. “What we found is that women seemed to have more 'stuff' in their offices, from makeup bags, pictures of family and purses on their desks” he says. Although, saying all of this, men have the germiest item over all wallets. They were the single germiest item in any office, four times worse than a woman's handbag.

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Blog written by Stacee Callaghan

quality control officer